A testtel való elégedetlenség mérése és rizikótényezöi: a testforma kédöív rövidített formájának (Body Shape Questionnaire Short From 14) hazai adaptációja.

Translated title of the contribution: [Body dissatisfaction and its risk factors: Hungarian adaptation of the Body Shape Questionnaire Short Form 14].

Edit Czeglédi, Péter Csizmadia, Róbert Urbán

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Body dissatisfaction has severe impact on obesity related psychological distress and other mental health problem. The main goals of this study were to present psychometric analysis of the Hungarian version of Body Shape Questionnaire Short Form 14 (BSQ-14), and to explore the risk factors of body dissatisfaction in participants of a health promotion program. The study design is a cross-sectional analysis nested in a prospective study. Our respondents (n=377; 61% women; the mean age=38.8 SD=9.58, BMI=27.0 kg/m2 SD=5.52) participate in a countrywide worksite health promotion program targeting weight problems and physical inactivity. Measures included the Hungarian version of Body Shape Questionnaire Short Form 14, Eating Disorder Inventory Bulimia scale, body weight, body high, self-reported lifetime jojo effect (weight cycling), weight dissatisfaction. The one-factor measurement model is supported by confirmatory factor analysis with inclusion two error covariances. Internal consistency of this scale is excellent (Chronbach α=0.95). A multivariate analysis revealed that gender (female), actual weight, bulimic tendency, self-reported lifetime jojo effect and higher educational attainment are associated with higher body dissatisfaction. The reliability and construct validity of the Hungarian version of Body Shape Questionnaire Short Form 14 are supported in the present study. Measuring body dissatisfaction might provide a good tool to identify high risk groups and risk factors for psychological distress and to develop optimal intervention programs.

Original languageHungarian
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JournalPsychiatria Hungarica : A Magyar Pszichiátriai Társaság tudományos folyóirata
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2011


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