A vas es a rez fempar korroziojarol

Translated title of the contribution: Bimetallic corrosion of iron and copper

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The process of bimetallic corrosion in the case of iron and copper is analysed under different circumstances. It has been established that the corrosion is influenced by pH, concentration of dissolved oxygen, complex-forming agents, ratio of anode-to-cathode surface and the condition of surfaces. Corrosion rate of iron is increased by copper only if the rate of catodic process is increased by copper. the corrosion rate is high if the environment is acidic or the corrosion product of iron is transformed into complex ion. If the surface of copper electrode is small the increase of corrosion rate is small too. Highly oxidizing environment may increase the corrosion of copper.

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JournalKorrozios Figyelo
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1998


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