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We have prepared the map of regional distribution of cervical cancer in Hungary. Serial HPV genotyping of sexual partners provided evidence for the sexually transmitted infections. Molecular epidemiology studies revealed activating c-kit mutation in bilateral testicular cancers. A cost-effective molecular staging method was introduced to the management of breast cancer patients. Genomic profiling identified the gene signature of Herceptin and taxane sensitivity of breast cancer. In colon cancer patients we have determined the mutational spectrum of hMLH1 and hMSH2 genes in Hungary. The prognostic power of SHMT and MTHFR polymorphism was determined in colorectal cancer patients. In head and neck cancer the gene signature of cisplatin sensitivity and the EGFR polymorphism was determined. We have introduced a cost-effective in vitro assay to determine the drug resistance of pediatric leukemias. The prognostic power of N-myc genotyping was determined in neuroblastoma patients. A phase I trial for gene therapy of brain cancer was started by using a GM-CSF adenoviral vector system. Using global genomic approaches the gene signature of malignant melanoma and its metastatic disease was determined. We have found that Ca-channel blockers and EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors are effective in preclinical human melanoma models in breaking the apoptosis resistance of this tumor.

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