Hypertoniás és vesebeteg terhesek korszerü ellátásának alapelvei.

Translated title of the contribution: Basic principles of current trends in the management of hypertension and kidney disease in pregnancy

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The approach to renal disease and hypertension in pregnancy has dramatically changed over the past two decades. As opposed to the past, now almost all the female patients with underlying renal disease can have successful pregnancy, and we are able to manage most of the renal complications occurring during the pregnancy. In this article the authors give an extensive review of the results of recent studies, concerning this subject. The options to prevent the predictable complications, the most recent therapeutic guidelines and the outcome of these patient's pregnancies are discussed, focused on the changes, compared to the recent past.

Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)2561-2566
Number of pages6
JournalOrvosi hetilap
Issue number47
Publication statusPublished - Nov 19 1995


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