Backscattering spectra of medium energy electrons

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Backscattering spectra of medium energy electrons (1-10 keV) are very important in Auger electron spectroscopy. Backscattered electrons compose the background and contribute to the excitation of Auger transitions. The N(E) backscattering spectra were determined by an Auger spectrometer with a CMA analyzer operated in DC mode using an isolation amplifier system. The N(E) backscattering spectra of electrons were studied on graphite, Si, stainless steel, Ge, Mo, W and Au in the 0.7-3 keV range. The backscattering spectra are presented. Our main results can be summarized as follows:- the backscattering coefficient rB was determined by integrating N(E) above 272 eV (effective for Auger excitation of low energy peaks); -rB is little affected by the primary energy Ep and strongly increasing with Z; - the elastic peak N(Ep) is decreasing with Ep and strongly increasing with Z; - the distribution N(E) exhibits a drastic change with Z, going from Fe to Si; - the percentage of elastically reflected electrons was determined.

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