Az apoptózis előfordulása és jelentősége daganatos folyamatokban

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Decreased apoptotic activity in precancerous lesions and in malignant tumors has largely been prejudiced. Results of studies performed in the last years showed that this suggestion is correct only in certain types of tumors. Data have been revealed on higher apoptotic activity in poorly differentiated tumors, whereas in well-differentiated neoplasms this activity is relatively low. At the same time, cytostatic or hormonal treatment of well-differentiated tumors result in a considerable elevation of the apoptotic index. The author considers the inducibility of apoptosis as a predictive factor regarding the efficacy of therapy in case of prostate carcinoma, colon carcinoma and acute lymphoid leukemia. This statement is less applicable to breast cancer or mesopharyngeal carcinoma. Very low apoptotic activity was observed in neuroblastomas, follicular adenomas, as well as follicular and papillary carcinomas of the thyroid gland, and adenomas of the parathyroid gland. Expression of genes influencing apoptosis, such as bcl2, p53, and bax, may rather be of importance from the point of view of histological differential diagnosis.

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