J. Kovacs, G. Rez

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This is a relatively short review which mainly focuses on some developments and recent problems concerning the study and the mode of action of inducers and inhibitors of autophagocytosis, including the origin of membrane of autophagosomes; the origin of autolysosomal enzymes; the fate of autophagocytized material; and humoral and intracellular factors regulating physiological autophagocytosis. As concerns the mechanism of autophagocytosis it is concluded that autophagic vacuoles may be formed by at least two main routes: a. the membrane effecting segregation is derived from the vacuolar apparatus and the autophagosome in statu nascendi is delimited by a lysosomal membrane and contains acid hydrolases; b. the autophagosomes are newly-formed members of the vacuolar apparatus. They are delimited by a prelysosomal membrane destined for fusions with preexisting members of the vacuolar apparatus and thereby gaining acid hydrolases. Although in a different manner, both types of autophagosomes are involved in intracellular breakdown of macromolecules, first of all proteins.

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JournalActa biologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 1979

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