Autologous osteochondral mosaicplasty in the treatment of focal chondral and osteochondral defects of the weight-bearing articular surfaces

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Long lasting resurfacement of full thickness cartilage defects of the weight bearing surfaces represents a great challenge for the orthopaedic surgeon. Autologous osteochondral transplantation is one of the alternatives which try to promote a hyaline or hyaline like repair of the defected area. The author describes the experimental background and his 7 years experiences with the clinical application of the autologous osteochondral mosaicplasty. Animal studies and the clinical practice have confirmed the survival of the transplanted hyaline cartilage and the fibrocartilage covering of the donor sites located on the non and less weight bearing surfaces of the knee joint. Clinical scores, imaging techniques, control arthroscopies, histological evaluations of biopsy materials and cartilage stiffness measurements have been performed to check the clinical outcome and to control the quality of the resurfaced area. Data of these evaluations are introduced in this paper.

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  • Cartilage repair
  • Full thickness cartilage defect
  • Hyaline like resurfacement
  • Mosaicplasty
  • Osteochondral transplantation

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