Atrial natriuretic factor in brain areas of Dahl salt-sensitive and salt-resistant rats

H. Geiger, U. Bahner, A. Puschel, S. Lenkei, G. Schmid, M. Palkovits, A. Heidland, F. C. Luft

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To elucidate the effects of salt intake on brain ANF in Dahl S and R rats, we examined plasma and brain ANF values after 6 weeks of a 0.6% and 8% salt diet. Blood pressure increased with the 8% salt diet in S, but not in R rats. Plasma ANF values in S after 6 weeks were not different irrespective of diet, while R rats had modestly reduced ANF values with the 8% salt diet. S rats had lower brain ANF values than R rats with the 0.6% salt diet in brain areas associated with drinking behavior and cardiovascular control. With the 8% salt diet, ANF values in S and R rats were reduced in brain areas associated with ADH release, baroreflex control, and permeabilization of the blood brain barrier compared to the 0.6% salt diet. On the other hand, with 8% salt S rats showed increases in the ANF content in various other hypothalamic and brain stem nuclei, while R rats showed no such increase. We couclude that S rats differ from R rats in brain ANF content before a high salt diet; in general their values are lower in nuclei involved with drinking, salt appetite, and blood pressure regulation. Brain ANF values in S and R rats are influenced by high salt intake independently of plasma values. In certain areas, brain ANF responds similarly in S and R rats. However, in S rats, brain ANF increases sharply with high salt intake in several nuclei, compared to R rats. Differences in central ANF regulation in response to salt occur in various brain nuclei in S and R rats. These differences may provide clues to the role of ANF as a neuropeptide. Furthermore, they may be of relevance to the development of hypertension in S rats.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)71-77
Number of pages7
JournalHypertension Research - Clinical and Experimental
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1993


  • Dahl rats
  • atrial natriuretic factor
  • brain
  • central nervous system
  • drinking
  • hypertension
  • salt
  • salt-sensitivity

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    Geiger, H., Bahner, U., Puschel, A., Lenkei, S., Schmid, G., Palkovits, M., Heidland, A., & Luft, F. C. (1993). Atrial natriuretic factor in brain areas of Dahl salt-sensitive and salt-resistant rats. Hypertension Research - Clinical and Experimental, 16(1), 71-77.