Atomic spectroscopy quality control of food industry in Hungary

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Quality control of food products with atomic spectroscopy techniques is used in almost every standard method of food control in Hungary, although such procedures are now relatively outdated. While the methods for determining a given element are often very similar from one product to another, it should also be considered that foods are as different as beverages, wines, bread, sausages, vegetables, fruits, baby food, canned food, etc. Some laboratories use the standard methods for all types of samples. On the other hand, recent attempts to update standard methods can be found in sample preparation (microwave sample digestion) and standardization (domestic and international standards), as well as instrumentation. If the Hungarian food industry is to come in line with the Common Market requirements the Chemistry Department of the Hungarian University of Horticulture and Food Industry must adopt new quality control principles. Many thousands of food samples are in fact analyzed each year in the above-mentioned laboratory for industrial and research purposes. Results obtained over the last few years are detailed.

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