Astrophysical S factor of the He3(α,γ)Be7 reaction measured at low energy via detection of prompt and delayed γ rays

F. Confortola, D. Bemmerer, H. Costantini, A. Formicola, Gy Gyürky, P. Bezzon, R. Bonetti, C. Broggini, P. Corvisiero, Z. Elekes, Zs Fülöp, G. Gervino, A. Guglielmetti, C. Gustavino, G. Imbriani, M. Junker, M. Laubenstein, A. Lemut, B. Limata, V. LozzaM. Marta, R. Menegazzo, P. Prati, V. Roca, C. Rolfs, C. Rossi Alvarez, E. Somorjai, O. Straniero, F. Strieder, F. Terrasi, H. P. Trautvetter

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Solar neutrino fluxes depend both on astrophysical and on nuclear physics inputs, namely on the cross sections of the reactions responsible for neutrino production inside the Solar core. While the flux of solar B8 neutrinos has been recently measured at Superkamiokande with a 3.5% uncertainty and a precise measurement of Be7 neutrino flux is foreseen in the next future, the predicted fluxes are still affected by larger errors. The largest nuclear physics uncertainty to determine the fluxes of B8 and Be7 neutrinos comes from the He3(α,γ)Be7 reaction. The uncertainty on its S-factor is due to an average discrepancy in results obtained using two different experimental approaches: the detection of the delayed γ rays from Be7 decay and the measurement of the prompt γ emission. Here we report on a new high precision experiment performed with both techniques at the same time. Thanks to the low background conditions of the Gran Sasso LUNA accelerator facility, the cross section has been measured at Ec.m.=170, 106, and 93 keV, the latter being the lowest interaction energy ever reached. The S-factors from the two methods do not show any discrepancy within the experimental errors. An extrapolated S(0)=0.560±0.017 keV barn is obtained. Moreover, branching ratios between the two prompt γ-transitions have been measured with 5-8% accuracy.

Original languageEnglish
Article number065803
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jun 18 2007


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Confortola, F., Bemmerer, D., Costantini, H., Formicola, A., Gyürky, G., Bezzon, P., Bonetti, R., Broggini, C., Corvisiero, P., Elekes, Z., Fülöp, Z., Gervino, G., Guglielmetti, A., Gustavino, C., Imbriani, G., Junker, M., Laubenstein, M., Lemut, A., Limata, B., ... Trautvetter, H. P. (2007). Astrophysical S factor of the He3(α,γ)Be7 reaction measured at low energy via detection of prompt and delayed γ rays. Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, 75(6), [065803].