Association of extraintestinal manifestations and anaemia with disease outcomes in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Zsuzsanna Vegh, Zsuzsanna Kurti, Lorant Gonczi, Petra Anna Golovics, Barbara Dorottya Lovasz, Istvan Szita, Mihaly Balogh, T. Pandúr, Stephan R. Vavricka, Gerhard Rogler, L. Lakatos, P. Lakatos

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Objective The association between extraintestinal manifestations (EIMs) and disease activity suggest a common pathogenetic link with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). We report on the association of EIMs and anaemia with long-term disease outcomes, including treatment steps, hospitalization, and surgery in the prospective population-based IBD inception cohort from Veszprem province. Methods Data of 678 incident IBD patients (Crohn’s disease/ulcerative colitis(CD/UC): 331/347) diagnosed from 1st January 2000 to 31st December 2012 were analyzed (CD: m/f: 176/155, median age at diagnosis: 28, IQR: 21–40 years, disease duration: 6, IQR: 2–9 years; UC: m/f: 200/147, median age at diagnosis: 36, IQR: 26–50 years, duration: 7, IQR: 4–10 years). Results EIMs were present in 30% of the CD and 17.3% of the UC patients. In CD, female gender (p = 0.02) need for steroid (p  CD = 0.001, pUC = 0.04), disease location/extent (pCD = 0.02, pUC CD,UC CD UC = 0.002) and hospitalization (pCD = 0.004, pUC

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-7
Number of pages7
JournalScandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology
Publication statusAccepted/In press - Feb 11 2016



  • Anaemia
  • disease outcome
  • extraintestinal manifestations; inflammatory bowel disease

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