Beurteilung der lebensqualität von asthmatikern durch visual analog skala und St. George's Respiratory Questionnaire

Translated title of the contribution: Assessing quality of life of asthmatics with a visual analogue scale and the St. George's Respiratory Questionnaire

Agnes Meszaros, Z. Bartfai, T. Major, P. Magyar, A. Mesko, Z. Vincze

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Background: The objective was to determine the correlation rate between 2 different instruments measuring quality of life (QoL) of adult asthmatics. Methods: We examined the QoL of 321 asthmatic patients with a disease specific instrument, the St. George's Respiratory Questionnaire (SGRQ), and a general QoL instrument, the visual analogue scale (VAS). Data was analysed by using Statistical Programme for Social Sciences statistical software. Stepwise multivariate analyses were conducted. Results: The VAS scores were as follows according to asthma severity: intermittent 76%, mild 69%, moderate 60%, severe 49%, where 100% equates to maximum health. The relationship between spirometry and QoL data was moderate (r = 0.36; p = 0,001). Results of the SGRQ were the following: (in this case higher scores refer to lower level of QoL): Intermittent: symptom 16%, activity 20%, impact 14%, and the total score 16%. Mild: symptom 36%, activity 37%, impact 32%, and the total score 34%. Moderate: symptom 53%, activity 55%, impact 46%, and the total score 50%. Sever: symptom 66%, activity 62%, impact 53%, and the total score 58%. The relationship between spirometry and QoL is not as strong (r = 0.37, p = 0,001) as expected. We found fairly good correlations between the QoL scores measured by the 2 different instruments (r = 0,619; p = 0,001). Conclusion: Our results indicate that although we have reliable techniques to measure the severity of airflow obstruction, which is the basic symptom of asthma, we cannot predict how patients see their actual health condition, quality of life. This fact gives further perspective to asthma-management, as more emphasis should be taken on the patient's global view of their asthma. Since we found good correlation between the results of the visual analogue scale and the SGRQ, the quality of life of asthmatics can be well assessed even with a very simple instrument, the like the VAS.

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Publication statusPublished - Jun 1 2003



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