Translated title of the contribution: Assesment of uterine vascularity in benign and malignant uterine tumors with transvaginal color Doppler sonography

I. Szabo, A. Szantho, Z. Csapo, L. Csabay, K. Szirmai, Z. Papp

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Introduction - Transvaginal color Doppler sonography provides the possibility to study the vascular changes in uterine tumors. Patients and Methods - A group of 129 women with various uterine timers were examined with transvaginal color Doppler sonography before surgery. The ultrasound findings of the uterine masses were analysed with: respect to their color Doppler sonographic patterns and compared with 174 normal cases. Results - Intratumoral blood flow was detectable in 107 cases (91%) of the uterine fibroids. The mean resistance index was 0.62 ± 0.13,: while the mean pulsatility index was 1.13 ± 0.63. The impedance indices decreased with an increase of the fibroid size. Intratumoral blood flow was present in all cases of uterine sarcomas. irregular, thin, randomly dispersed vessels could be detected in the myometrium or within the non-homogenous mass in nine cases. The mean resistance index was 0.39 ± 0.07 while the mean pulsatility index was 0.57 ± 0.32, which were significantly lower than in the uterine fibroid and than in normal cases. There was a decline in the impedance indices of the uterine arteries from normal, through myomatous, to sarcomatous uteri. Abnormal vascularity could not be detected in three cases of the low grade type endometrial stromal sarcoma. Moderate decrease of the vascular impedance (resistance index = 0.65, between 0.55-0.76; pulsatility index = 1.05, between 0.80-1.20) was recorded in intratumoral vessels. Conclusion - Uterine sarcomas and fibroids cause characteristic blood flow changes in the uterine circulatory system that can be assessed with transvaginal color Doppler. This additional information is useful for accurate discrimination and it may play an important role in the establishment of the individualized treatment program.

Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)718-726
Number of pages9
JournalLege Artis Medicinae
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - Dec 12 1997


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