Artifi cial reproduction of percid fishes

D. Żarski, A. Horváth

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Artifi cial reproduction, being a specifi c human intervention in the process of reproduction, is a key step in aquaculture of percid fi shes. This group of fi sh, exhibits specifi c traits, considered amenable to artifi cial reproductive protocols. For example, this is the only extensively studied group of freshwater teleosts where application of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and gonadoliberine analogues (GnRHa) alone, promotes fi nal oocyte maturation (FOM) and spawning without any other hormonal therapy, whereas in other species (cyprinids, catfi shes or salmonids) anti- dopaminergic treatment is also needed. Another characteristic trait is that percid females can release their eggs spontaneously in the tank, regardless of the presence of males. This makes artifi cial spawning of these fi sh relatively diffi cult. In the present chapter endocrine regulation as well as reproductive protocols applied to this group of fi sh are reviewed extensively, however, the focus of this review is on the fi nal gamete maturation, spermiation and ovulation processes are the steps considered from artifi cial reproduction perspectives. The published data revealed that scientifi c activity was focused mainly on the problem of synchronization of ovulation and the effectiveness of different hormonal therapies. This evolved into the development of several specifi c protocols and methods (e.g. percid-specifi c preovulatory maturational stages of oocytes), which allowed improvement of that in these species. It was also established, that hCG or GnRHa applied alone are the most effective spawning agents in wild or pond-reared percids. However, there is still a considerable lack of data considering the effectiveness of these protocols in controlled reproduction of domesticated broodstocks. Apart from that, there are many other aspects to be investigated. Such as hormonal regulation of fi nal gamete maturation and spawning, verifi cation of some reproductive protocols as possible gamete quality determinants and gamete management protocols (prior to and following fertilization), which were relatively scarcely studied.

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Title of host publicationBiology and Culture of Percid Fishes: Principles and Practices
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2015



  • Fertilization
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  • Ovulation
  • Percids
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