Application of a capillary-assembled microfluidic system for separation of cephalosporins

Peter I. Koczka, Attila Gaspar

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This paper demonstrates a simple and easy setting up of a fused-silica capillary-assembled microfluidic system (μCE). This system incorporates a split-flow pressure injection of the sample into a microfluidic system made from PDMS and a short (∼20 cm) length of fused-silica capillary as a separation unit. The on-capillary detection was carried out by fiber optic spectrometry. A mixture of six cephalosporin antibiotics was separated in the μCE system and the obtained results were compared to those achievable by conventional CE. The six components could be separated within 8.5 min with the number of theoretical plates around 10000.

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Publication statusPublished - Sep 2014



  • CE
  • Microchip
  • Poly(dimethylsiloxane)

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