Appearance of annexin II immunopositivity in reactive astrocytes but not in microglia

M. Kálmán, A. Szabó

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According to some in vitro data of other authors, annexin II may be involved in the formation of the glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) filaments from their subunits. To check this in situ, the present study investigated the annexin II immunopositivity in the reactive glia around stab wounds in rats. The annexin II immunopositive astrocytes were less in number and less widely distributed than the GFAP immunopositive cells. In double-labeling studies applying fluorescent dye-labeled antibodies, GFAP was detected in the annexin II immunopositive cells, whereas a number of GFAP immunopositive cells were negative to annexin II. In the territories of annexin II immunopositive astrocytes no Griffonia-labeled microglia were found. The results suggest a role of annexin II in the post-lesional glial reactions, probably in the post-inflammatory stage, but not in the appearance of the GFAP immunopositivity.

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Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2001



  • Calpactin-I
  • Glial reaction
  • Lipocortin-2
  • Microglia
  • Reactive glia

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