Antiproton-proton annihilation in flight

Crystal Barrel Collaboration

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This is an overview of the preliminary results of(Formula presented.) annihilation at incident(Formula presented.) momenta of 600, 1200 and 1940 MeV/c(*). The data was taken at LEAR with the Crystal Barrel Detector (E. Akeret al.: Nucl. Instrum. Methods A, 321, 108 (1992)). In the two pseudoscalar final states seven different channels are observable and their angular distributions are measured. They are compared to older data, if existent, and are found to be equal within the experimental errors. In the three-meson final states, an overview of the already examined final states is given. Striking signals in the Dalitz plots and invariant-mass projections for a set of final states are observed. In the final states ηηπ0 and ηηη a signal ηη with the invariant mass of 1480 MeV/c2 and a width of about Γ≈≈70 MeV/c2 is visible. In the final-state ωηπ0 a signal in the ωη invariant-mass spectrum at 1680 MeV/c2 with a width Γ≈150 MeV/c2 is observed. Finally, in the final-state ωωπ0 two visible structures in the Dalitz plot are detected at 1600 MeV/c2 (Γ≈90 MeV/c2) and 1900 MeV/c2 (Γ≈150 MeV/c2).

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JournalIl Nuovo Cimento A Series 11
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - Nov 1994


  • PACS 01.30.Cc Conference proceedings
  • PACS 13.75 Hadron-induced low- and intermediate-energy reactions and scattering (energy ⩽ 10 GeV)
  • PACS 14.40 Mesons and meson resonances

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