Egy újonnan kifejlesztett ürmösbor antioxidáns tulajdonságai.

Translated title of the contribution: Antioxidant characteristics of a newly developed vermouth wine

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INTRODUCTION: The polyphenol compounds can be responsible for the beneficial physiological effects of the wine, specially of the red wine. The supposed mechanism in health protecting effect due to the polyphenol components in the wine can be grouped to several biochemical reactions. One of the most important and mostly examined characteristics is their antioxidant and radical scavenging effect. AIM OF THE STUDY: Examination of the antioxidant characteristics of a newly developed vermouth wine. METHODS: Antioxidant characteristics of a newly developed vermouth wine (marked with FB) till now not in the market were studied comparing with those of three red and three white wines as well as of one rose wine. The total polyphenol content, the hydrogen donor activity, the reduction capacity and the complex building activity were determined. RESULTS: Hundred ml of the vermouth wine involves 18.8 mg alcohol, as well as 220 mg polyphenol compounds, comparing to the mean polyphenol content of white wine with 10.5 mg alcohol and 35 mg polyphenol contents. CONCLUSIONS: Usual consumption of one unit from the vermouth wine examined in this paper is medically acceptable, furthermore the organism can have those polyphenol compounds which play substantial role in the protection against oxidative stress.

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Publication statusPublished - Dec 26 2004


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