Antigenic and genetic diversity of early European isolates of Infectious bursal disease virus prior to the emergence of the very virulent viruses: Early European epidemiology of Infectious bursal disease virus revisited?

K. Domanska, T. Mato, G. Rivallan, K. Smietanka, Z. Minta, C. De Boisseson, D. Toquin, B. Lomniczi, V. Palya, N. Eterradossi

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Eleven Polish and Hungarian isolates of Infectious bursal disease virus (IBDVs) obtained in the 70/80s (early IBDV) and in the 90s (recent IBDV) were characterized in an Antigen-Capture-ELISA with a panel of neutralizing monoclonal antibodies (Mabs), and by nucleotide sequencing of the VP2 variable domain (vVP2). The viruses were compared with reference IBDV strains, among others with Faragher 52/70 (F52/70, classical, isolated 1970), 89163 (typical very virulent-vvIBDV, isolated 1989) and 91168 (antigenically modified vvIBDV, isolated 1991). Only one of the early isolates (Hungarian strain P1) proved anti-genically and genetically similar to F52/70. Other early isolates exhibited no reactivity versus Mabs 3, 4, 5 and/or 8 and had a common previously unrecognized combination of amino acid changes in vVP2. The recent isolates all proved antigenically and genetically related to typical vvIBDV strain 89163, except the Polish isolate 93/35 which proved related to the 91168 strain although no epidemiological relationship had been documented between these viruses in the field. Phylogenetic analysis confirmed that the non-P1 early IBDVs represent a previously unrecognized group among serotype 1 IBDVs. It is discussed whether these early isolates are derivatives of the F52/70-like viruses that might still be present in the field, or whether they represent early IBDV strains that might have been present prior to and progressively replaced by the F52/70-like viruses, as the latter have been replaced by vvIBDVs in the late eighties.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)465-480
Number of pages16
JournalArchives of virology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Mar 1 2004


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