Angular momentum population in the projectile fragmentation of 238U at 750 MeV/nucleon

K. A. Gladnishki, Zs Podolyák, P. H. Regan, J. Gerl, M. Hellström, Y. Kopatch, S. Mandai, M. Górska, R. D. Page, H. J. Wollersheim, A. Banu, G. Benzoni, H. Boardman, M. La Commara, J. Ekman, C. Fahlander, H. Geissel, H. Grawe, E. Kaza, A. KorgulM. Matos, M. N. Mineva, C. J. Pearson, C. Plettner, D. Rudolph, Ch Scheidenberger, K. H. Schmidt, V. Shishkin, D. Sohler, K. Sümmerer, J. J. Valiente-Dobón, P. M. Walker, H. Weick, M. Winkler, O. Yordanov

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A systematic study of the population probabilities of nanosecond and microsecond isomers produced following the projectile fragmentation of 238U at 750 MeV/nucleon has been undertaken at the SIS/FRS facility at GSI. Approximately 15 isomeric states in neutron-deficient nuclei around A ∼ 190 were identified and the corresponding isomeric ratios determined. The results are compared with a model based on the statistical abrasion-ablation description of relativistic fragmentation and simple assumptions concerning y cascades in the final nucleus (sharp cutoff). This model represents an upper limit for the population of isomeric states in relativistic projectile fragmentation. When the decay properties of the states above the isomer are taken into account, as opposed to the sharp cutoff approximation, a good agreement between the experimental and calculated angular momentum population is obtained.

Original languageEnglish
Article number024617
Pages (from-to)246171-2461710
Number of pages2215540
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2004

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    Gladnishki, K. A., Podolyák, Z., Regan, P. H., Gerl, J., Hellström, M., Kopatch, Y., Mandai, S., Górska, M., Page, R. D., Wollersheim, H. J., Banu, A., Benzoni, G., Boardman, H., La Commara, M., Ekman, J., Fahlander, C., Geissel, H., Grawe, H., Kaza, E., ... Yordanov, O. (2004). Angular momentum population in the projectile fragmentation of 238U at 750 MeV/nucleon. Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, 69(2), 246171-2461710. [024617].