Anatomical validation of two‐dimensional echocardiography in the horse


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This study was performed on 15 horses to validate the cardiac anatomy as imaged with two dimensional echocardiography (2DE) and to determine the accuracy of intracardiac measurements. 2DE images were recorded in five horses in life with a Diasonics DRF100 ultrasound system and a 3.5 MHz transducer in different tomographic planes. After slaughter, the hearts were fixed in 10 per cent formalin. To compare in vivo and in vitro results, the specimens were suspended in a water‐filled tank and 2DE images were made using the same transducer positions as in life. In vitro 2DE and autopsy measurements of the same planes and parameters were also taken on a further 10 hearts, and the results were statistically compared. The in vivo 2DE images corresponded well with both in vitro 2DE recordings and anatomical sections. Repeatable imaging of each tomographic plane was possible on the post mortem hearts using intracardiac reference points. Comparison of parameters measured during in vitro 2DE and autopsy demonstrated a significant correlation between all 2DE and autopsy data (r: 0.879 to 0.926; P<0.001). Repeated 2DE measurements of each parameter showed a good reproducibility with coefficients of variation (CV%) varying between 4.6 to 10.6 per cent. The results suggest that 2DE is a reliable method for accurate anatomical evaluation of the equine heart and show the potential application of quantitative two dimensional echocardiography in the living horse.

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