Analysis of 5'-termini of early intermediates of Okazaki fragments accumulated in thymocytes after emetine treatment of mice

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nascent Hg-DNA synthesized by the incorporation of Hg-dCTP in reversibly permeable cells of murine thymocytes has been characterized earlier. Here we describe the analysis of 5' ends of oligonucleotides isolated from thymocytes 48 hr after a single dose of emetine administration to mice. This small- molecular-weight population of nascent DNA shorter than Okazaki fragments was absent in control cells. More than 90% of the terminally 32p-labeled oligonucleotides carried a terminally phosphorylated RNA moiety at the 5' end, as demonstrated by alkaline hydrolysis. The size of the short nascent DNA fragments carrying RNA primers ranged between 9 and 50 nucleotides with an average chain length of 15 nucleotides. These oligomers are regarded as the precursors of the Okazaki fragments.

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JournalDNA and Cell Biology
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Publication statusPublished - Sep 25 1997


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