Dialízishez társult amyloidosis.

Translated title of the contribution: Amyloidosis associated with dialysis

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Recently dialysis related amyloidosis has become a major complication in patients treated with long-term dialysis therapy. The serum level of the amyloid precursor beta 2-microglobulin is significantly elevated in uraemia, mostly due to the retention. The bioincompatibility of dialysis membranes and the endotoxin content of the dialysate may contribute to the synthesis and tissue deposition of beta 2-microglobulin, but the details of pathogenesis are not yet cleared. At first periarticular and perineural structures are involved in the deposition of amyloid. The carpal tunnel syndrome is of great differential diagnostic value, it appears frequently together with the beginning of the joint pain. The main target of arthropathy are the large and medium-sized joints symmetrically. Deposition of the amyloid to the subchondral bone cysts might lead to pathological fractures, mainly in the hips and destructive spondylarthrophathy might involve severe neurologic complications. Visceral organs (gastrointestinal and urogeniteal tract, heart etc.) are involved rarely and later. Ultrasonography and isotope methods in addition to the conventional radiologic examinations are also used to differentiate the joint complaints nowadays. The definitive diagnosis is based on immunohistology. The alteration of dialysis strategy first of all the usage of high permeable, biocompatibile membranes and pure dialysis water has a role in the prevention of disease and decreasing its progression. In the case of developed lesions timely surgical-orthopedic interventions are required in addition to drug therapy. Todays' renal transplantation is a successful treatment, but the consequences of amyloid depositions already formed can't be left out of considerations even after transplantation.

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