Alterations in enzymatic antioxidant defence in diabetes mellitus: A rational approach

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Defence against the reactive oxidants produced during aerobic metabolism is a complex process and is provided by a system of enzymes and antioxidant compounds capable of preventing excess radical production, neutralising free radicals and repairing the damage caused by them. Regulation of the antioxidant system must provide sufficient, properly located, antioxidant compounds and enzymes. Damage to this system has been proved to play a role in various disorders. Long-term complications of diabetes mellitus are supposed to be partially mediated by oxidative stress. The authors summarise experimental and clinical investigations in this field and analyse the possible importance of the changes in the antioxidant system in the development of diabetic vascular complications.

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JournalPostgraduate Medical Journal
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  • Antioxidants
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Oxidative stress

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