Ageing: a normal degenerative process--with or without regular exercise.

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The purpose of this symposium was to review the physical, metabolic, psychological, and physiological manifestations of the ageing process. A great deal of research has been carried out in the past 10 years with elderly subjects. Investigations are currently expanding to use invasive methodologies previously applied to healthy young subjects. A most comprehensive account of exercise and the elderly is given by Stamford (1988), with insight into the physical capabilities of some 10% of the Canadian population. Ageing affects the total body and its metabolism including hemodynamics, enzyme activities, strength, muscle contraction, and incidence of disease. Equally important, ageing affects the Canadian economy, geographic demographics of retirees, and ethical consideration of the prolongation of life without quality. The symposium papers analyze the ageing process in humans and animal species from biochemical (Kaldor), physiological (Paterson), mechanical (Vandervoort), and psychological (Brown) viewpoints.

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