Advances in the analysis of tryptophan and its related compounds by chromatography

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Advances in the analysis of tryptophan, - (both in its free form and bound, alone or together with its metabolites), - has been compiled on the basis of the relevant papers published in the last 4-5 years, including author's experiences associated with the preparation of derivatives and with any of those conditions arising from the analytical procedure itself. The special requirements of various, tryptophan containing matrices were also taken into consideration (biological tissues or fluids, food and feed stuffs, etc). For the sake of completeness in addition to the most common HPLC/UV/F1 techniques, HPLC/MS, GC/MS, CE/UV/F1 and spectrophotometry will be also discussed.

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JournalAdvances in experimental medicine and biology
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2000

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