Adsorption of acetylene and water on zeolites resulting in hydration to acetaldehyde

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Adsorption of water and acetylene on Cd forms of LTA, X-, and Y,FAU, ERI, CHA, PHI, MOR, MFI, and clinoptilolite active in the catalytic hydration of acetylene at 453 K and the adsorption of acetylene on inactive H, Na, Co, and La forms of Y,FAU were studied with i.r. spectroscopy at 298 K. Acetylene (1) adsorbs on acidic OH groups; (2) is weakly bound to cations (νC≡C = 1,958 cm-1); (3) forms cadmium acetylide (νC≡C = 1,947 cm-1); and (4) is linked in side-on configuration to Cd2+C≡C = 1,930 cm-1). Water dissociated heterolytically was found to react with adsorbed acetylene. Formation of adsorbed acetaldehyde was observed on Cd zeolite catalysts as well as on catalytically inactive forms of faujasite but not on H-F,FAU.

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  • Acetylene
  • Adsorption
  • Cd zeolites
  • Water dissociation
  • Y-zeolites

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