Preventív ACE-gátló kezelés szívbetegeknek

Translated title of the contribution: ACEI for coronary patients

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The results of the major clinical outcome trials related to the potential antiatherosclerotic effects of the angiotensin convertase (ACE) inhibitors are reviewed after the recently published EUROPA trial results. In the postinfarction clinical situation mortality reduction was revealed in the ISIS-4 (captopril), GISSI-3 (lisinopril), AIRE (ramipril), TRACE (trandolapril), CONSENSUS (enalapril), SAVE (captopril) and in the SOLVD (enalapril) trials. In the HOPE trial performed in a high risk population the preventive antiatherosclerotic, endothel-preserving effects of ramipril resulted in a significant mortality and morbidity reduction. In the EUROPA trial a lower risk population - symptomfree coronary patients - were treated by perindopril, and it was proven also in this cohort, that the long term ACE inhibitor treatment decreased the combined endpoint of cardiovascular mortality, myocardial infarction and resuscitated sudden death. Based on the above data it can be advised, that all coronary patients regardless of left ventricular function and symptoms should receive long term ACE inhibitor treatment besides the other established preventive medications (platelet aggregation inhibitors + statins + beta receptor blockers).

Translated title of the contributionACEI for coronary patients
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Publication statusPublished - Feb 1 2004

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