Accurate determination of the pathological stage with gross dissection protocol for radical cystectomy

Farkas Sükösd, Béla Iványi, László Pajor

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The current protocol for reporting urinary bladder cancer in radical cystectomies may exhibit limitations in the diagnostic accuracy, such as a risk of understaging, especially in cases with prostatic involvement. Difficulty can arise in the verification of stage pT0, and the assessment of surgical margins is suboptimal. We have developed a daily gross dissection protocol practice where radical cystectomies are totally embedded and evaluated histologically in whole-mount sections. We report here on the first 138 consecutive specimens from 2008 to the first quarter of 2012 inclusive. The incidence of the cancer stages was compared with data on 15,586 radical cystectomies from the literature. The differences were analyzed with the one-sample z-test (p < 0.05). The following emerged from and our series and the literature data: pT0 8.7 % and 6.1 %; pTa 0.7 % and 2.9 %; pTis 2.9 % and 6 %; pT1 15.2 % and 15.5 %; pT2 21 % and 23.3 %; pT3 34.8 % and 34.3 %; and pT4 16.7 % and 11 %, respectively. Our findings closely reflected the means of the published statistical data based on a large number of cases. The differences were due to the more detailed processing: the case numbers in groups from pTis to pT2 were comparatively low, while those in groups pT3 and pT4 were higher. The difference in group pT4 was significant (p = 0.0494). With this method, only those samples were regarded as pT0 in which the granulomatous area and the hemosiderin deposition indicative of the earlier intervention were observable and the entire preparation was tumor-free.

Original languageEnglish
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Number of pages9
JournalPathology and Oncology Research
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2014


  • Cancer stage
  • Gross dissection
  • Pathology report
  • Radical cystectomy
  • Total embedding
  • Urinary bladder carcinoma
  • Whole mount section

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