A vas-cink korróziós cella polaritásának megváltozásárol

Translated title of the contribution: About polarity reversal of zinc-steel corrosion cell

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Based on a theoretical analysis of the experimental observations of the polarity reversal of zinc - steel galvanic couple, it can be stated that, under atmospheric conditions, polarity reversal is caused by zinc passivity and by the oxygen dissolved in the corroding solution, and catalytically activated by zinc corrosion products responsible for passivation. Without catalytic activation of oxygen by zinc corrosion products, polarity reversal would not be observed. When zinc is passivated, in the presence of oxygen it behaves as an oxygen electrode, and for this reason, instead of protecting iron, under the conditions of polarity reversal the zinc accelerates iron corrosion.

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JournalKorrozios Figyelo
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Publication statusPublished - Aug 30 2005


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