A simple efficient procedure for the stereoselective synthesis of trans-2,3,3a,4-tetrahydro-3-aryl-2-(4-carboxyphenyl)[1]benzopyrano[4,3-c] pyrazoles and their [1]benzothiopyrano analogues

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Hitherto unknown group of tricyclic fused pyrazolines have been synthesized by the reaction of 3-arylidenechromano-nes and 3-arylidene-1-thiochromanones with (4-carboxyphenyl)hydrazine in hot anhydrous pyridine solution. Structures of all new compounds have been elucidated by microanalyses, IR, 1H, 13C NMR and mass spectrometric measurements.

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JournalActa Chimica Slovenica
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Publication statusPublished - Sep 30 2009



  • (4-carboxyphenyl) hydrazine
  • 3-Arylidenechromanones
  • 3-arylidene-1-thiochromanones
  • Pyrazolines

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