A new validated high-performance liquid chromatographic method for the determination of EGIS-9933 in rat plasma

K. Balogh Nemes, J. Szúnyog, I. Klebovich

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A new highly sensitive high-performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) procedure for determination of EGIS-9933 (a newly developed anxiolytic compound) in rat plasma is described. A gradient, elution method with UV detection at 270 nm has been developed using a mobile phase of a mixture of A: methanol:acetonitrile 1:9 and B: 0.5 % triethilamine in water, the pH of B was adjusted to 3 with phosphoric acid. Solid phase extraction (SPE) was used for the sample preparation. The calibration was linear in the 10-10000 ng mL-1 concentration range. The limit of quantification was 10 ng mL-1. The bioanalytical method was validated according to internationally accepted criteria for biological samples.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)158-162
Number of pages5
Issue number1-2
Publication statusPublished - Jul 29 1998



  • Column liquid chromatography
  • EGIS-9933
  • Rat plasma
  • Solid phase extraction

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  • Biochemistry
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