A new method for the electrochemical oxidation of alcohols

G. Vértes, G. Horányi, F. Nagy

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Considering the effect of nickel salts in catalytic oxidation processes, the results of investigations on oxidation by "nickel peroxide" as well as the electrochemical characteristics of the nickel hydroxide electrode, it can be assumed that oxidation of alcohols, aldehydes, etc. can be carried out on a charged nickel hydroxide electrode. This assumption has been experimentally verified, and it has been shown that charged nickel hydroxide electrodes are reduced in alkaline solutions of alcohols. In this paper practical applications of nickel hydroxide electrodes are reported, and a preparative method is proposed for the electrochemical oxidation of primary alcohols. The method is illustrated in detail on the example of di-isopropilidene-sorbose oxidation.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 1972


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