A high luminosity spectrometer for deep inelastic muon scattering experiments

D. Bollini, P. L. Frabetti, G. Heiman, G. Laurenti, L. Monari, F. L. Navarria, A. C. Benvenuti, M. Bozzo, R. Brun, H. Gennow, M. Goossens, R. Kopp, F. Nanni, F. Navach, L. Piemontese, C. Rubbia, D. Schinzel, J. Cvach, I. A. Golutvin, I. M. IvanchenkoV. S. Khabarov, Y. T. Kiryushin, V. S. Kisselev, V. G. Krivokhizhin, V. V. Kukhtin, W. D. Nowak, I. A. Savin, D. A. Smolin, L. V. Svetov, G. Vesztergombi, A. V. Vishnevsky, A. G. Volodko, J. Žáček, A. V. Zarubin, Y. L. Zlobin, D. Jamnik, U. Meyer-Berkhout, A. Staude, K. M. Teichert, R. Tirler, R. Voss, Č Zupančič, J. Feltesse, J. C. Michau, A. Milsztajn, B. Pichard, J. F. Renardy, B. Rothan, Y. Sacquin, G. Smadja, P. Verrecchia, M. Virchaux

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A 50 m long magnetized iron torus enclosing a 40 m long target provides the luminosity and acceptance necessary for the study of deep inelastic muon scattering at high Q2. The construction and performance of this spectrometer and the associated trigger are described. Details of the data acquisition system and data analysis are also given.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)333-349
Number of pages17
JournalNuclear instruments and methods in physics research
Issue number2-3
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1983

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    Bollini, D., Frabetti, P. L., Heiman, G., Laurenti, G., Monari, L., Navarria, F. L., Benvenuti, A. C., Bozzo, M., Brun, R., Gennow, H., Goossens, M., Kopp, R., Nanni, F., Navach, F., Piemontese, L., Rubbia, C., Schinzel, D., Cvach, J., Golutvin, I. A., ... Virchaux, M. (1983). A high luminosity spectrometer for deep inelastic muon scattering experiments. Nuclear instruments and methods in physics research, 204(2-3), 333-349. https://doi.org/10.1016/0167-5087(83)90063-7