50 éves a Debreceni Állat-egészségügyi Intézet

Translated title of the contribution: 50th Anniversary of the Animal Health Institute in Debrecen

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The Animal Health Institute in Debrecen was established 50 years ago. The primarily diagnostic organisation covers the North-Eastern counties of Hungary. Staff numbers are 53 at present (including 16 persons with a degree from a higher education institution) active in five departments (Mammalian diseases, Avian diseases, Bacteriology-Imunology, Virology and Chemistry). During the last 50 years there have been 342 employees altogether, including 47 veterinarians and 10 workers with other degrees. The diagnostic examinations done by the workers of the institute add up to more than 10 million or about 2000 per working day on average. The methodology and infrastructure progress steadily thus enabling the employees to scientifically study several problems besides their daily routine work. This is evident from the 248 research papers, 40 popular science articles, 38 independent publications and 352 scientific lectures that were done during these five decades. The more significant achievements were recognised in the award of 7 scientific degrees (three candidatures of science, three PhDs and one doctorate of the Hungarian Scientific Academy).

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