3-Substituted 4-bromo-2,2,5,5-tetramethyl-2,5-dihydro-1H-pyrrol-1- yloxyl radicals as versatile synthons for synthesis of new paramagnetic heterocycles

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β-Bromo-α, β-unsaturated electron withdrawing group containing dihydropyrrole nitroxides 2, 3, 4b, and 5b were used for synthesis of dihydropyrrol-1-yloxyl radicals annulated to thiazepine 7, 13 and thiophene 14a-g rings. The 4-bromo-3-formylsubstituted 2,5-dihydropyrrole 5b was also a synthon for the synthesis of 3,4-disubstituted nitroxides 17a-d, 18a-d, 19a- c, 20a-c.

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  • Organomercury compounds
  • Spin labels
  • Sulfides
  • Thiazepines
  • Thiophenes

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