[23] Punch Sampling Biopsy Technique

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This chapter presents the main principles and basic technical information for the punch sampling biopsy technique. “Micropunch technique,”—that is, microdissection of brain sections with a hollow needle—has become a routine procedure in many neurobiological laboratories. Several macro- and microdissection methods for sampling brain regions can be reported, but only the micropunch technique suits the requirements includes the procedure should be rapid, since hundreds of brain samples are often needed within a limited period and the technique should be easily validated by microscopic control of the dissection. Over 220 brain nuclei can be separately removed from rat brain by using the micropunch technique. The technique has been worked out for rat brain, but it can easily be adapted to other species. Microdissection of brain nuclei may be performed in any species. Since the technique has been developed for dissecting individual rat brain nuclei–and the rat is the most popular laboratory species—detailed microdissection guides and maps are available only for rat brains.

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